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​     T.H. Winston dedicates itself to be a full-service company all the way from fabrication of hard surfaces to complete Interior Design services.  In association with Cheryl Elsbree Interior Design Inc., expert interior design solutions can be made to improve, re-build, or start from scratch with residential and commercial interiors.
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Located at 1375 5th Street Sarasota, FL 34236 in the beautiful downtown historic district.

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Cheryl Elsbree grew up in the business of architecture, construction, and design. Following in the footsteps of her father Gordon Macphail, she learned the business from the ground up. 

Cheryl refined her passions with an education from the world renown Ringling School of Art and Design, with a double degree in interior design and fine art allowing Cheryl to expand in to her own business of interior design. Most of Cheryl's designs draw from European classicism using the design principles of harmony, balance and scale, creating beautiful interiors both residentially and commercially.

Cheryl Elsbree Interior Design combines the principals of art and design to promote a home décor that feels right. Knowledge from Cheryl Elsbree, a licensed interior designer, will aid you on the journey from spacial planning to custom draperies, a kitchen and bathroom remodel or even as your “go-to” design consultant. At Cheryl Elsbree Interior Design we recognize quality in design and value incorporating design history into a finished aesthetic. We help our clients to discover their inner style, to find what they are naturally drawn towards.  
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